We all know that you use your garage also for other things than just parking, We happy to share with you here some tips we think you should use – here you can learn how to transform your garage from a dump zone to a functional and useful organized space.

You totally  to De clutter your Garage Once and For All

Usually the garage is mainly the parking ground for whatever doesn’t fit into the house. If your garage needs a serious remodeling, please free some of your valuable time and space in your mind and start to rearrange the way you have used your garage.

You should take some piles and start to sort out all the things in your garage,

  • sports gear
  • garden tools
  • house maintenance and repair toolbox and supplies
  • holiday decorations
  • recycling,
  • Pets stuff
  • old clothes
  • etc.
    For all the items that need to stay in your garage, you better install some cabinets amd shelves that will enable you to store the items nearby in the right order. you should store similar items together, so it will be easy for you or your family find them out
  • Hang some hinges or Hooks on the wall for your Coats, Jackets or dirty shoes
  • find some creative ways to storage your stuff in an organized place or shelving system
  • think of a some serious creative paint job – that can easily upgrade your feelings about your old garage
  • think on decorative hooks for your bike,¬† helmets, snowboards, Rollerblade you can easily use the ceiling to hook up some big things


  • Will continue….

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