Many homeowners think that they can simply close the garage door when they put their house on the market and hope that the potential buyers won’t notice the clutter or hope they will forgive the mess.
But because we know that home staging is about helping the buyer to make an emotional connection to a home, you should take care of most of the things in the house especially from our point of view the Garage.


A garage can be a huge selling feature for your property but from our experience with home garages we can admit that most garages are kept in a constant mess. As a home owner your main goal  is to make your potential buyer imagine their life in your home, you should make them feel as at their home from the first moments they get into your home. as you probably know sometimes the most active door in the house is the garage door

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  • The first step for staging a garage is to remove all clutter. we would like you to understand that getting rid of all the things that doesn’t have to be in your garage. You can donate them or even arrange a garage sale, You should remove any seasonal items.
  • You should arrange all the items that you must keep should be kept, please remove the piles of clutter from the floor.
  • We suggest that you should organize your daily usage stuff that you must keep in your garage as: lawnmower, toolbox, old car, bike, toys or else

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We think you should consider painting your Garage with Fresh Paint – that goes for walls, ceiling and floor too.

Please keep in mind that once you are done with most of the things for your garage,  you should ask for a Garage door technician for a maintenance checkup in order to renew and fix all your garage door broken parts, some buyers are very picky about Garage Door conditions and they simply want the best value for their money

  • You can ask your garage door specialist for a price quote for a new Door or opener, make the potential buyer see that you care about maintenance and technology, you can easily find that the affordable cost of making it new – can leverage the price of your entire Home
  • whether you are looking just for a simple organize your garage or considering upgrade you’re invited to check out our new Garage Door Installations / Garage Door opener options or any other Garage Door Service that we offer, we can help you to make a tremendous shift to your Garage which will leverage the Sale / Rental Price , Hope you liked our articles


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